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About Peggy Thomas

I began my art career in my early twenties.  I began doing juried fine art shows and proceeded to just paint & travel shows. I’ll never forget when the phone company called and said “Peggy, I know your an artist, but….” However, I never gave up my desire to “just paint”.

My paintings begin with a detailed pencil drawing on the canvas.  The process of applying ay least 20 layers of paint begins.  Only brushes are used.  I use the white of the canvas, rarely using white paint.  It is a very time consuming technique, but it came natural to me to approach painting with this technique.  I do not consider my work to be strict realism, nor do I strive for that.  I allow natural distortions to occur.

Special Note: Forty years ago when I began my professional art career I painted as Peggy Wells. When I remarried I painted under Peggy Cacalano. Now I paint under Peggy Thomas to honor my Father, who greatly influenced my art career. I know, maybe I should have stuck with one. But, that’s OK.

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